The Cars

Producer Lou Giordano, Drummer Steven Curtiss and Fred Mascherino

The Cars' recently tracked at Millbrook for the new Reunion CD.

(RTTNews) - Ric Ocasek has opened up about the upcoming Cars release with Rolling Stone. He says he does not think of the band's comeback as a reunion, noting that "it's more like a conjunction."

'Move Like This' is set for a May 10 release date and the band has already released a video for the song "Blue Tip."

One of the reasons Ocasek had not considered another Cars album was the death of bassist Benjamin Orr, who passed away in 2000. Orr sang on many of the Cars' past hits which led Ocasek to take on a larger role on the current album.

"I was aware that on half of the new songs, Ben would have done better than I did. But we never wanted anybody from the outside," he tells the magazine.

Ocasek also said the band does not plan on doing a full blown tour, but says "it might be fun to do a couple of shows."