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paulieAbout Paul

A little background on me:

I started my recording journey back in the early 70's, as a teenager, still in high school.
At that time I designed and built my first rehearsal / recording studio.

Since that time, I have built, owned, and operated 7, different facilities, in as many locations.
With this recent move to Tennessee. I'm now on Studio #8!

Which just might be the most comfortable, creative space out of them all!

About The Studio

Some info on the new studio, it's concepts, and design:

The new studio is housed within a 150 year old AME Church.

As I happen to be a big fan of the open room concept of recording.
(which basically means having all the musicians, & performers assembled together in one large open space), I've set up the new space in this configuration.

Not only are the musicians in this space, the engineer, & producer, are all housed in this one room together! I believe that the interaction between the musicians, and everyone involved is more immediate, and dynamic.

What this affords the artists, / songwriters, is a very intimate, stress free, relaxed atmosphere to capture the essence of their performance, with some of the finest gear on the planet.


Click here for a pdf file of the equipment list.